Milton’s Season 2 began with 12 amazing contestants, each recording a personal performance for you. The residents of Milton voted online for their top 5 contestants to move onto round 2 where a second performance was recorded and voted on to finally reveal your top 3 artist, including this season’s winner – TUCKER BOWERS!

Milton Residents

All applicants must be either a resident of the City of Milton or attend a school in the City of Milton. If you are a member of a band, having 2 or more members, at least 1 member must be a resident of the City of Milton. A $25 entry fee for each act will be required, paid to Milton Arts Council via Paypal.


Contestants will submit a quality headshot, short bio of your craft and what you will be performing via the submission page. All performances should be pre-recorded and uploaded to YouTube by the artist and a link to be submitted to Milton’s Got Talent with your entry.


The Milton’s Got Talent website will have a dedicated page, outlining each contestant, their bio, headshot and performance video. There will be 2 rounds of voting by the residents of Milton directly on this website. Each person is allowed one vote per round, with the last round outlining a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.


There will be 3 final winners for Season 2, Milton’s Got Talent. 1st place wins a $500 gift card, 2nd place wins a $300 gift card and 3rd place wins a $100 gift card. The goal is to showcase a stage concert for the top 3 winners to perform their music to a live audience, along side special guest artist (this will be according to city guidelines on COVID.

Let us tell you about new performance submissions.

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